what’s up with my hair? let’s just say who knows and who cares #me

last day of vaca for #me

*laminated paper wobbling noises* #me

I get up, and nothin’ gets #me down #vanhalen #imsupposedtobeworking

woke up in Vegas next to this hunk…I remember nothing #me


me when i find out i have a substitute for my worst subject 





he lives


One man. One reporter. A legacy that will be in our hearts forever.


I don’t know if anyone outside of my town really realises that a second Spongebob movie is being made, and Antonio Banderas is a pirate in it.

They were filming this on what is basically our main street downtown and I can’t describe how surprised I was and how hard I laughed when I looked up and saw Antonio Banderas barrelling down the street on a pirate ship as he screamed.

I just thought the world needed to know about this momentous occasion